Meet Our Tribe

photo of ShannonShannon is an intuitive healer and the owner of Gypsy Vibes. Her unique blend of touch, sound, and energy healing will help you center yourself, bring you messages and clarity, and calm your spirit. Ask for what you need or take a deep breath and enjoy the ride. At the end of a session, Shannon will help you feel ready to Go. Do. Love. 

“I love my life in New Smyrna Beach because it feels like home. This is exactly where I was called to be. I’m so grateful for the experiences I’ve had and the many people that have guided me along this journey. Each day I strive to come from love and want to spread it deep and wide.”



photo of Annabel

If you don't find Annabel on the local beach catching rays, you'll find her at Gypsy Vibes managing logistics and operations and making sure the vibe flows in all the right ways. Annabel believes you should go where you feel the most alive. If you want to be happy, do not dwell in the past, do no worry about the future, focus on living in the present.  





photo of Joette

Joette is a Psychic Intuitive and has been reading for over 25 years. She is a member of the Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.. She is Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, and Clairsentient. She uses Tarot cards, Oracle cards, and Pendulum in her readings. Joette is featured in Orlando Sentinel and UK Mirror. In her readings she goes through Akashic records, past, present, future, astrology, numerology, moonology, past lives, soul's purpose, crystal healing readings, career and finance readings, and soulmate and couple readings.



photo of TatianaTatiana is a holistic, intuitive, energy and body work healer connecting Hearts and Bodies. She has been practicing for 10 years, learning and teaching diverse healing modalities while walking her own path of evolution. Sessions are being channeled and guided by Divine Wisdom, Great Spirit, Angels, Spirit Guides, Spirit Animal and Ancestral Realms of both the client and Tatiana.
Tatiana uses different healing and therapeutic techniques such as body work, somatic therapy, trauma release therapy, chakra dance and balancing, arts, yoga, vocal work, sound healing, therapeutic self-touch, reiki, shamanic practices, meditation, and mindfulness practices.




photo of Makenzie

Makenzie is from Los Angeles and recently moved to New Smyrna Beach to continue her spiritual journey of connecting back to the Spirit. She believes that vulnerability is important for this connection, which is why she’s started a spiritual movement class here at Gypsy Vibes. She hopes that in hosting movement healing sessions, she can exchange with others the power of vulnerability and self expression. To allow everyone and everything to be seen, heard, and most importantly felt. When we become vulnerable, we open that space up for others to feel comfortable being themselves, too. Makenzie also believes it’s important to educate each other about our cultures. Our cultures are different, by beautiful design, yet we are all human. We can learn from one another. We can learn from our ancestors. Knowledge of the sacred gifts and tools (3-Dimensional and spiritual) that we can use to help the world. Learning about the natural remedies to our conflicts, whether that be dancing, meditation, yoga, crafting, exercise, you name it! She hopes to meet wonderful souls along this journey, and inspire them to start living to their greatest potential.



photo of Jake
Jake is from L.A. He recently moved to Florida and deeply resonates with spiritual dancing because it is an intentional exchange and movement of energy that engages your child-like spirit. He believes not one of us is meant to be more creative or superior than another. We are all co-creators in the world we live in.
"The predetermined expectations of ourselves and others is what holds us back. The extension of our self expression is what opens doors to true passion and creativity. Self-love follows. All forms of art have a place for that growth in some way."  



photo of JasonJason is a self-taught percussionist with a passion for life and music. He received his first drum at a rainbow gathering in the Osceola National Forest in 1995. Everyone calls him "Djembe Djason." He loves drums.

"We are all born with heartbeats, so we all have rhythm, it's just learning how to harvest it in to music."




photo of Kalli
Kalli is the crystal queen. As she started her spiritual journey in 2019, she found all of the crystals she had collected as a child, and immediately felt a positive transformation when she started wearing them and learning about them. Kalli is passionate about learning more and more about crystals and their healing powers. She is excited to learn more about spirituality and help others discover the healing benefits of mother nature's gifts to us.
Her favorite crystal is green aventurine, which helps boost confidence, focus, and reveals your true emotions. It also helps to express gratitude, as well as connect your emotions to your spiritual journey, and is used for the heart chakra!



photo of Grace
Grace is passionate about healing and energy work. She feels deeply connected to nature, especially when near the ocean or walking barefoot in the forest. She loves animals and is working on becoming certified in animal reiki. She aspires to bring a new love and light to this world everyday. Through breath work and art work she becomes closer to finding her true nature and wants to help others find theirs as well.
sound bath class on the beach

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