About Shannon Mathis


photo of shannon

Shannon studied fashion and got her start in the fashion industry in the mid-90s as a buyer and runway director in major cities like Chicago, LA, and New York.

After moving to Illinois with her three children, she worked in non-profit fundraising and board development where she raised over five million dollars across Illinois. During that time, she had an opportunity to mentor over 40 high school and college students and became inspired to be an advocate of personal growth for adolescence and youth.

After a life-changing shift, she began looking at life through a different lens. Although she loved many things about her life, she found herself faced with a deep desire to heal past trauma, and through an awakening, she put full trust in God and the Universe. It was then that she truly began listening to her own intuition and grew to understand what it truly meant to love yourself. Through that experience, it became clear that she needed to learn the art of non-attachment and loaded only a few items along with her dog Cooper and drove to New Smyrna Beach.

Shannon's journey led her to a special shop on Flagler Avenue. Gypsy Vibes is all of her healing experience poured into one community. People come to Shannon for energy healing, sound healing, and discovery. Her classes and sessions will open you up to your spiritual side and help you begin to unlock your ability to go do love. 

“I love my life in New Smyrna Beach because it feels like home. This is exactly where I was called to be. I’m so grateful for the experiences I’ve had and the many people that have guided me along this journey. Each day I strive to come from love and want to spread it deep and wide.”


Shannon teaching sound bath meditation